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Welcome to flex-e-card's Business hub. We're the UK's leading shopping centre gift card provider and work in partnership with shopping centres across the UK as well as globally.

Choosing a shopping centre gift card as a business reward or incentive opens up so many more opportunities than buying a store specific gift card.


By choosing to use Shopping Centre Gift Cards it means your employee or customer can experience the day of their choice. By visiting their local shopping centre, they could choose to go to their favourite shop and spend spend spend, or take the family to the cinema followed by lunch.

By providing them with the choice, they're more likely to remember the positive experience you've given them.

Not everyone's the same. It means you appreciate everyone has different tastes - you're not limiting it to gender or age. There's something for everyone in a shopping centre. This means that there is no more guess work for you or your team. You can simply issue gift cards knowing that whoever the recipient is, they'll have something to spend it on.


  • No need to send staff out to collect gift cards from shops
  • Free delivery for ordering blank gift cards online
  • No more loaded gift cards sitting in cupboards you simply load up as and when you need them - Which means there is no risk associated with storing loaded gift cards in your office
  • The Hub can be accessed from any device at any time
  • Easy to view and download reports


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